Add a touch of beautiful color to your garage with our epoxy garage floors in Boston, MA. Much more than garage floor paint, these are heavy duty industrial systems that are designed to last and which will go on performing at their best for many years to come. When you’re looking for a high-quality professional finish, the team at Boston Garage will ensure you are delighted with the results. No matter what you use your garage for, a good-quality floor is important. If you have a painted floor that is chipped and flaked or a tiled floor that is cracked, we can help. Or perhaps you have a plain concrete floor that you’d like to transform. With our garage floor coating system, this is all possible and we offer a wide range of colors and designs. Our designers will show you our previous work and our color palette so you can choose your perfect style.

    Beautiful Epoxy Garage Floors in Boston

    Our epoxy garage floors in Boston are designed to last for many years. We know that a lot can go on in your garage and that you’ll need a flooring system that can stand up to that. We offer many garage floor coating options. Whether you want to play it safe with black or brown, or you’d like to shake things up with some bold solid vibrant color, we offer a wide selection of options. This flooring is also UV-stable and oil tolerant. It’s easy to care for and can simply be vacuumed or hosed down. You’ll get a high-quality professional finish that will transform your garage and which will be ready for anything. Whether you want to store your performance vehicle in your garage or use it as a workshop, our flooring system is a perfect choice. Call our team today to arrange an appointment.

    Here are some reasons to choose our garage floor coating:
    • A beautiful finish
    • Durable and hardwearing
    • Customized design
    • Many colors to choose from

    Polyurea Garage Floor Coating That Lasts

    While epoxy is a standard in the industry, and one that we commonly use, it is not always the best solution. Polyurea garage flooring is also used by us on a daily basis, and in certain circumstances is the preferred choice. When a solid foundation of concrete is present and the need for a fast curing system exists, polyurea may be the best option. At Boston Garage, we’ve been providing our garage floor coating solutions for many years. When you’re looking to give your garage a beautiful makeover with a durable flooring system that is 10x more durable than garage floor paint, we’re here to help. We guarantee a professional finish every time. Our polyurea garage floors are the best available and can transform your garage instantly. We can give you advice on which flooring solution to choose. We can also help with a granite chip effect or metallic finish if this is the look you’d prefer. We’re experts in garage transformations and we’d be delighted to show you some of our recent work.

    A Garage Floor Coating That Lasts

    Solid Coating Color Options

    Rich Blue
    Rich blue
    Green Leaf
    Green leaf
    Safety Yellow
    Safety yellow
    Tile Red
    Sand Beige
    Sand beige
    Light Gray
    Light gray
    Medium Gray
    Medium gray
    Concrete Gray
    Concrete gray
    Dark Gray
    Dark gray
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    To find out more about our epoxy garage floors in Boston, call the team here at Boston Garage today. We’d love to help and have a wide selection of designs to choose from.