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The process for coating your garage floor is a complex process that tends to confuse many consumers in the consideration phase. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive eBook that will teach you everything you need to know about the garage floor coating process!

This eBook will cover:

  • Why you should coat your garage floor
  • What can happen to uncoated garage floors
  • What our garage coating solution is made out of
  • Various color options available
  • How to prepare your garage for a new coating
  • The difference between our solution and DIY kits
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Who we are
  • And more!

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Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Garage Flooring




of garages done last year


On-site design consultation

The Boston Garage team goes the extra mile when working on your garage.

Our epoxy flooring is the highest quality available and will last for years to come.



The most advanced epoxy flooring product

Get 5 years guaranteed warranty on epoxy floor.



Choose from multiple epoxy flooring colors.

Ready to transform your garage?

Check out our 2017 company profile video!

Boston Garage 2017 Profile

Phil Percuoco

Excellent Job!

Well Made and Sturdy!

Recently we had Mike and his team design and install new cabinets and add flooring to our Garage. The cabinets are well made, sturdy and look great and the floor is nothing shy of a piece of art. The installation job was well thought out and the staff at the office have been a pleasure to work with!

Very Professional!

Very professional experienced workers. Job done on schedule. Very pleased with the final product.

Jean Natale

The men did an excellent job installing the floor in my garage. I highly recommend Boston Garage. My floor looks beautiful.

Mark O'Brien